About Us

Trustworthy and Secure

Dublock is a building materials company that was born in Mazatlán in 2007 and offers:

  • Production and supply of ready-mix concrete
  • Pumping Service for ready-mix concrete
  • Polystyrene block Sale
  • Cement Sale in different presentations (bulk, sack, or bigbag)
  • Concrete Block marketing.
  • Steel marketing.
  • Construction aggregates production, screening and crushing (Stone, sand and gravel) in different measures.

Since the day it started, Dublock has evolved focusing on each customers requirements and needs according to the specific characteristics of their business. We are a company that is committed to quality and excellence, always working on continuous improvements to achieve leadership in the concrete industry.

Our formula for the manufacture of concrete, it's the highest quality on the market 100% of Quality Grade "A".
No work it's too big nor too complicated to attend.

Our knowledge, experience and approach, enable us to offer added value to, our employees, our business partners and each customer. Today we have a staff of over 135 employees, all in different divisions across the cities of Culiacán and Mazatlán. With an average of 19 years in the concrete industry, the experience of our administration and operational team support our work by offering only high quality products and services.